Monday, May 16, 2011

Murphy's Law at work?

Apparently, I pulled a calf muscle. This is my self diagnosis due to the assumed leg cramp I had every morning since Wednesday became a full-fledged blown out pain the entire day yesterday. A cramp feels like the muscles overlap each other by accident. I can stop a cramp by reversing the angle my foot; contracting the muscle into the opposite direction. This time, that trick didn’t work.

So, how did I pull a muscle? I don’t know. It could’ve been a combination of things that I did. I’d started running up and down my stairs repeatedly in order to prepare my legs for inclined hiking AFTER the cramp episodes began. That probably made the pulled muscle worse. I also wore heels two days in a row to work which probably made everything worse, too. Not to mention I did the Ab ripper from P90x which requires elevating your legs off the ground. But the initial pull? I really don’t know.

My Mini Me’s prescription was, “No more exercises, mom! Cuz then you can’t hike!” lol It’s funny, but not so much. I have 3 to 4 days to heal before we hit Yosemite’s trails. Lesson learned. Do not try to “exercise” before a major physical function. I’ll pick up "exercising" after we return.

Let’s just say I’m grunting and groaning like an old lady limping down the halls at work. I rubbed some Theragesic on my calf and my Mini Me said, “Smells like grandma.” Good times. Did I go see a doctor? Nope. Just crossing my fingers for now.


  1. Gets some icy hot if that ther... Doesnt work. Heals immediatly. An ice bath is torture but works also. Remember not to jump into workouts... Esp cuz you dont do it often. Take it slow. :). Hope you heal fast for your trip! ;)

  2. Ice?! I did the hot cream. That Theragesic stuff creates heat. Yeah... I think the working out made it worse. More so since I wasn't aware I had a pulled muscle prior to starting. :/ And thanks! :D

  3. Ice bath.. And that Theragesic sounds like the same as Icy Hot. :). Ouch! :/. Get well pronto! ;)

  4. What the?! No ice! Or we'll see....